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Real estate

Business Park Nad Drwiną

The modern real estate complex at Nad Drwiną Street, with an area of over 22 ha, includes warehousing and production facilities, together with offices and social facilities, with a total area of almost 54 000 m². Companies that operate here are provided with convenient parking lots, maneuvering areas and spaces for unloading goods. Well-developed logistics facilities and the possibility of adapting the space to individual needs guarantee excellent conditions for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.  This place is ideal for transport, logistics, manufacturing and industry companies.  Warehouse halls here are perfectly adapted for storing and warehousing various types of resources and materials.

One of the biggest advantages of the complex is its location in the industrial, logistic and warehousing center of Kraków: 200 m from the city’s eastern ring road (part of the S7 expressway) and about 2.5 km to the A4 motorway.  The Customs Office is located in close vicinity.



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